A grandmother’s story...

“I have the sweetest granddaughter. She’s a real treat the way her cheeks shine when she sees us coming. I love how she hugs me. My husband, Joe, and I take her out to the beach every second Saturday of the month. We always have a wonderful time.

Except on the way back she starts to fight with her little brother. Then Joe yells at them to be quite. I wish he wouldn’t do that, but nothing else seems to works. When we got home one Saturday I over heard my daughter in Law telling my son that Joe is a driving bully.

We tried other recordings...

Nothing worked until we got a copy of Fairy Tales Forever. These CD’s really hold the children’s attention. ”

A mother’s story...

SSSSSSSH! I’m listening.

“My daughter is nine years old and she has trouble sitting still for five minutes, let alone for a half an our car ride. We were driving her and some friends to a gymnastic tournament. Her two friends wanted to talk and yell in the back seat.

My daughter turned to them and said; “SSSSSSSHH, I am listening. It’s really good.” We looked in the back later and all three girls were whispering to each other about the story.”

Stuck with the children on a long car ride again?

At last a Storytelling CD Guaranteed to Keep them Busy!

Create a Magical Experience. Soft relaxing pace, Exciting and Fresh material. Old fashioned yet New Plot and characters. Beautiful Artwork, simply designed, non-offensive to all religious sensibilities and no duck, dwarf or cat stories.

WARNING! Don’t use it on short rides

This storytelling CD is so perfect for those long car rides that it comes with a WARNING.

“Don’t use it on short rides because the children won’t want to get out of your car!”


Idle minds make mischief; Children today move fast and find long car rides difficult to stomach. Plan ahead for the car ride you dread.

Try Eric James Wolf’s storytelling CD for thirty days. If you are not 100% satisfied just return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Two ways to place your order

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Two Lengthy stories of personal courage.

“Peter and the Magic Yo-Yo” is the story of a boy who lives with his single mother trying to cope with the loss of his father. He dreams of reconnecting with his father. Peter uses his own creativity and imagination to escape from being kidnapped by the King of the Goblins.

“Myia and the Sword of Light” is the tale of a young girl who uses her resourcefulness and strength of will to rescue her father. Myia retrieves a magical sword and defeats a dragon by the strength of her determination.

Both of these stories teach that the children of single parents are not alone in the world.

Fairy Tales used to be stories that mattered to children.

We live in a world of deep despair and high hope. We live in a world of horror and happiness. We live in a world where monsters and angels walk the earth. It is wrong to tell children stories of sugar and spice that rot their morals and their brains. It is wrong to create stories that have no teaching’s. True Fairy tales run a risk. True fairy tales speak of Danger with a capitol D. Fairy Takes help us to learn the roadmap outside our families. Map that once included an entire community of people who we would have known from birth.

Communities raise the most successful children. A network of uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins is necessary to raise the successful children, and the center of this community is not the child’s parents, it is the child’sgrandparents. Grandparents offer a gift to the child that no other person can offer.

So, what is that one gift grandparents give children that no other person would take the time to do?

What do grandparents give their grandchildren?

Stories, of course! Stories and tradition, and through those stories, a place in the world. I can’t replace grandparents. I can’t replace the community that should surround every single parent in this country but I can replace the stories. I am a storyteller, and I have developed this CD to help children find their place in the world. I developed the first story for Matty, but I would like to share it with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews.

Copyright Eric James Wolf

“Eric brings a tradition of storytelling alive for my children, instilling the values that I treasure as a single parent.”

Jamie Wilke, Massage Therapist, Single Parent, Mother of Three.

Stories are the

most effective way to teach children about complex ethical and moral issues. In ancient times, storytelling was used by the leaders of the clan, tribe, or nation to teach the children what they needed to know to survive. Fairy tales are the remains of that tradition from long ago when the European peoples were still illiterate. The act of telling a story opens the critical mind and allows the parent or other relative to communicate a difficult subject without lecturing or philosophizing.

Just check out any religious text and you will see wonderful examples of how storytelling can be used to teach ethics and morals. The problem is...

Who has time to talk to their children, let alone create a special moment for sharing?

I want parents to have an alternative to setting kids down to watch TV or play video games. I mean, who can afford a babysitter like me? I can’t travel to every home in America and say, "Hey kid, stop watching TV buy my stories, they’re better for you!"

Are you worried about how often you let your children watch videos or play video games?

I worry about how many Hollywood movies my children are watching. I worry about the mindless violence, the horror, and just the materialism on the tube. You never know what they are going to see or hear, especially if you have cable. However, I’m a parent; I know how difficult it can be to get five minutes of peace. You can’t get anything done because your kids are in your space.

According to the Source-book for Technology and Science, a web-based encyclopedia.

“The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school.” By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders. The American Psychiatric Association addressed this problem in its endorsement of National TV-Turnoff Week, stating, “We have had a long-standing concern with the impact of television on behavior, especially among children.”

Storytelling audio CDs require the use of an active imagination! They create a calm moment in a busy day. Storytelling CDs inspire creativity and require the child or young adult to actively listen to the story. They help your child build artistic skills and patience.

You can keep your child entertained for hours with these story CDs. Children can’t get enough of these stories! I’ve been telling these stories for ten years, and I’ve performed them thousands of times. Now, for the first time, I have recorded these stories. They are perfect for children ages six to twelve, and honestly, parents enjoy listening to the stories too.

Here’s a quote from two grandparents about their experience:?

Hue and Joan Weikart say, “We have two loud and energetic grandsons, earsplitting boys who are always wondering, Are we there yet? We gave them your CD, Fairy Tales Forever, and drove on a two-hour trip. We forgot the boys were in the CAR!
It was that quiet. ”

The CD is set up with multiple tracks for each story, so you can play one track a night before bedtime if you want. This is a great preparation activity for reading chapters of a book together in the future.